Additional Arrangement of Deposit

In compliance with the《Guideline on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorist Financing》 issued by SFC and to ensure a more secure client deposit process, we will enhance our procedures on client deposit as follows:

  • Deposit by cheque (including deposit through bank counter and cheque deposit machine)

Clients have to provide the copy of the cheque (the name of the cheque issuer must be clearly shown), together with the deposit advice for our verification.

  • Deposit by bank transfer (including through bank counter, ATM and other forms of local bank transfer)

If the deposit is not made through clients’ registered bank account, clients have to provide deposit advice, together with the proof that the deposit is from their own bank account.

Wocom reserves the right to obtain proof of deposit to verify the identity of the depositor. The fund will not be credited to your account until we have obtained the information of the depositor. If clients cannot provide the proof of deposit or the deposit is identified as third party deposit, we reserve the right to return the fund. Clients are liable to all bank charges, interest incurred and related risks, including but not limited to any forced liquidation actions taken by us, resulting from failure to deposit fund to meet the margin requirement as specified. Wocom is not responsible for all costs and loss incurred from the returning of funds.