Forms and Documents

Account Opening Information Statement (Individual / Joint Account)
Account Opening Information Statement (Company / Partnership)
Self-Certification Form – Individual
Self-Certification Form – Entity
Self-Certification Form – Controlling Person
Cash Client Agreement
Margin Trading Client Agreement
Futures Trading Client Agreement
Foreign Exchange Trading Client Agreement
Options Trading Client Agreement
Authorisation Letter from Options Clients
Securities Trading (Risk Disclosure Statement)
Futures and Options Trading (Risk Disclosure Statement)
Personal Information Collection Statement under HKIDR and OTCR
Consent Letter on Personal Information Collection Statement for Northbound China Connect Orders

eStatement and eAdvice Services
Electronic Trading Services Application Form
IPO Application Form
Fund Subscription Form
Trading Authorisation and Indemnity Deed
Risk Profile Questionnaire (Individual)
Risk Profile Questionnaire (Corporate)
Securities Settlement Instruction Form
Fund Withdrawal Form
Physical Share Withdrawal Instruction Form
Change of Account Information Form
Change of Specimen Signature Form
Financial Information Update Form
Close Account Instruction