Statement on Fraudulent Website and Messages

Recently, it has come to our attention that there are unlawful individuals impersonating “Wocom” and engaging in fraudulent activities. We would like to make the following statements:

1. Our official website is We only provide Hong Kong and A-share trading services. If you need to download our mobile trading platform, please download here from our official website.

2. We do not offer online account opening services. If investors wish to open an investment account with us or use our online trading services, they must make an appointment with our staff, fill out the necessary forms, and submit the original copy to our registered office for processing.

3. If clients wish to deposit funds into our group, please directly deposit the funds into designated bank accounts displayed on our website. DO NOT deposit funds into personal accounts or third-party bank accounts.

4. If you come across any suspicious websites, contact information, transaction methods, or situations where our group or personnel are being impersonated, please feel free to call (852) 2853 0111, WhatsApp (852) 5616 0672 or email to contact or verify with our staff.


Fraudulent Website and illegal use of Wocom logo

We would like to alert all customers and the public that we have no connection with the fraudulent website and email known as 「」and「」. We have not authorized this website to use the registered trademarks of the group or provide any investment services, and have already notified the regulatory authorities about the matter.

Anyone who has provided personal information or conducted any financial transactions through the above websites should immediately report the case to the Police for investigation.

You may confirm the identity of our licensed representatives via the SFC website. Should you have any suspicion of impersonation, please contact us immediately.